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Tips for Improving Your Marketability on Your Résumé

by Mauritânia Jesus

If you have gone to an employment agency, you have drastically increased the chances that you will be able to find at least temporary work while you look for a more permanent position. This is critical because you need to make sure that you stay employed as continuously as possible in order to pay your bills and to avoid any long gaps in unemployment that you have to explain to a potential employer. You will also be more successful at getting jobs if you increase how marketable you are on your résumé. Here are some tips.

1. Provide Concrete Examples of Your Listed Skills

Most people have a summary of skills near the bottom of their résumés that help them make sure that, should their application be preprocessed by a computer, the keywords get detected. However, having a summary of skills is not as human-readable as you might hope. Recruiters are going to look at the skills summary and not have any clear idea of how well a person can perform any of those skills. Even putting down that you have three or four years of a skill is not going to be enough. For example, if you have 5 years of using Excel but have only used an older version of Excel, you are not going to be skilled at Excel 2013, which might be what the employer needs.

Instead of merely listing skills, provide examples of projects or tasks you worked on that required the skills, what types of technology and software you used to help compete the tasks, and when those tasks were completed. This will help give any recruiter that looks at your résumé some context.

2. Customize Your Résumé for Specific Employers

When you submit your résumé to a temp agency, make sure that you submit multiple versions of your résumé. For example, if you have experience in both childcare and retail, create a résumé that highlights and goes into detail more about your childcare experience for jobs at nursery schools and a résumé that highlights your cashiering and customer service experience for retail jobs. This will help make it clear to potential employers that you meet their needs and that they should hire you.

3. Keep It Short

Recruiters don't want to read pages and pages of résumés and will be more likely to skim yours if it is no more than a page or two. Try to keep your résumé to one page if at all possible.

For more tips, talk to an employment agency in your local area.