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  • 3 Ways To Help Your Bulimic Teen

    14 June 2017

    Discovering that your teen is dealing with a serious eating disorder like bulimia is scary and overwhelming. You want to help them, but may have no idea where to begin. The most important thing is to focus on being calm and supportive and enlisting professional help as soon as possible. Here are three effective ways to help your bulimic teen: Enroll Your Teen in Residential Services  Residential treatment for eating disorders is important because it will give your teen all the medical and psychological support she needs in a safe environment.

  • 4 Design Considerations For A Residential Wheelchair Ramp

    3 April 2017

    Adding a wheelchair ramp to an existing home is a great way to improve accessibility, especially for those who cannot get around without a wheelchair. Still, the process of retrofitting an existing home entryway to work with a wheelchair ramp can be more difficult than it may seem. Specifically, there are a few potentially challenging design considerations that need to be kept in mind throughout the process. Location Start by considering the specific location of the ramp.